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Form Follows Function for the highest yield from solar modules and for the best looks for a facade: ZigZag-shaped ZigZagSolar! The sun sees solar modules, we see art. The latest developments in solar technologies can lead to wonderful energy efficient buildings. Two superb solar facades have been installed on this…

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“Promote solar energy in buildings”-vicepresident Naidu to architects.

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Vice-president Naidu (India) has a message for all architects about solarenergy in buildings. Here you can open the pdf of the article in (opens in new tab) Here’s the link to the original article:

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Spotlight on Solar Facades

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Did you know that there are already dozens of companies offering solar facade technologies for both new and existing buildings? In the Solar Facades review we just published, we answered the following key questions for real estate developers and building owners: -What are the possibilities for generating energy on building…

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ZigZagSolar has qualified for TIP-summit

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After several rounds of assessment, ZigZagSolar has qualified for the prestigious TIP-summit. This is a great recognition for the work that have been done on developing architectural pleasing solar facades for truly energy efficient buildings.

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