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Form Follows Function for the highest yield from solar modules and for the best looks for a facade: ZigZag-shaped ZigZagSolar! The sun sees solar modules, we see art. The latest developments in solar technologies can lead to wonderful energy efficient buildings. Two superb solar facades have been installed on this apartment block in the city of Sittard. This building enjoys the energy from the sun. Roof top solar for high yield in summer and middle of the day. Art on the east facade for high yield in the morning and art on the south facade for high yield in atumn, winter and spring.

This splendid project shows that solar facades are the Next Big thing in #energytransition and #decarbonisation

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“Promote solar energy in buildings”-vicepresident Naidu to architects.

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Vice-president Naidu (India) has a message for all architects about solar
energy in buildings.

Here you can open the pdf of the article in (opens in new tab)

Here’s the link to the original article:

Spotlight on Solar Facades

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Did you know that there are already dozens of companies offering solar facade technologies for both new and existing buildings?
In the Solar Facades review we just published, we answered the following key questions for real estate developers and building owners:

-What are the possibilities for generating energy on building facades?
-What are the opportunities, risks and potential impacts?
-How can I successfully implement a solar facade project?

We published our work in three parts: A Guide, Workbook and Directory.
Are you interested in recieving copies ?
Reach out to Anke at

ZigZagSolar has qualified for TIP-summit

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After several rounds of assessment, ZigZagSolar has qualified for the prestigious TIP-summit. This is a great recognition for the work that have been done on developing architectural pleasing solar facades for truly energy efficient buildings.

Reporting the performance of ZigZagSolar-facade after a full year: the Eisenhower-project

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The company Creteq represents the ZigZagSolar-technology. We offer facade parts and engineering services to contractors and facade installers for building superb solar facades on international scale. ZigZagSolar offers inspiration and guidance to architects and project developers for buildings ranging from architectural landmark-buildings to retrofit-solutions for comfortable housing. ZigZagSolar offers a complete kit for anything you need to build an innovative solar facade: high-performance solar yield, best thermal insulation, aesthetic, freedom in design, affordable, reliable, compliant. We can include solar thermal and accessories.

In this report we describe our findings after one year of monitoring one of our projects: the Eisenhower project. A retrofitting-project for a housing association in the Netherlands.

Figure 1: shadow from neighbouring apartment block.

In the Eisenhower-street in Sittard our largest solar façade in the Netherlands was installed in 2017. We have closely monitored its performance. It generated more than 27 MWh of green energy in the first year. Our proprietary simulation tools predicted the performance accurately. It has been a challenge to predict the yield considering disturbances from trees, streetlights, adjacent buildings, albedo, geometrical considerations next to the the properties of the solar modules, inverters and electronics. On the East side of the ZigZagSolar-facade at a distance of about 50 metres there is an apartment block of equal height that casts a shadow on the facade in the morning. This shadow results in losses on the lower left corner of the facade, most in spring and autumn. This apartment block takes away a part of the diffuse light as well. We needed to make a special string design to accommodate for the shadow and for the effect of diffuse light. The chart below shows results of ‘shading analysis’ o f a ZigZagSolar unit. Furthermore there are still trees that cast a shadow in wintertime on the lower part of the facade. These trees do have an effect on the “perceived albedo”: and the diffuse light on different parts of the facade.

Figure 2: shadow has large influence on yield despite smart electronics

Clean electricity is in great need in wintertime for lighting, heating and electrical transportation. Our monitoring data from Eisenhower flat shows ZigZagSolar offers a very high yield during winter days and clearly outperforms rooftop solar panels and vertical facades. (Vertical solar facades miss out on large amount of diffuse light in winter.)
In combination with for instance heat pumps, LED lighting and other methods, ZigZagSolar can help apartment buildings reaching nearly-zero-energy. The picture below shows the performance of ZigZagSolar vs rooftop solar panels on a sunny winter day, equal amount of installed capacity.

Figure 3: ZigZagSolar outperforms rooftop clearly in winter.

The parts for the ZigZagSolar façade were largely pre-fabricated in the workshop and required minimal retrofitting of the wall. The whole project was finished within 21 days. This is very fast considering the innovative nature of the project. Fast installation saves unnecessary noise and disturbance to tenants.
There is no need to evacuate or disturb tenants while creating a superb energy-efficient building.
ZigZagSolar offers building managers clear on-line status information of every solar panel and inverter. It is easy to observe performance and to identify errors. The following picture is an example of ‘heat map’ showing cumulative electrical generation by different solar panels on a ZigZagSolar façade. This graph shows the importance of taking the influence of sources of shade and objects that influence the availability of diffuse light on the facade. We have repeated the simulations on vertical solar facades. Our simulations confirm experiences as reported in literature that vertical solar facades are very sensitive to disturbances in the surroundings. Sophisticated simulations are required for a good prediction of the electrical yield. ZigZagSolar can optimize the solar facade for any location, climate, orientation and surrounding and make a reliable prediction of the electrical yield.

Figure 4: Solar facades are challenging for solar engineers: shadow, albedo, diffuse light.

After the installation of this facade we have further improved the design of the ZigZagSolar-products. We can now offer a substantially higher yield at significantly lower cost thanks to the learnings from this project. We really thank ZOwonen, RVO, SEAC, LENS, GIPE, WAREBO and all supporting parties for their kind support. We can offer even better solutions for the European NZEB-directive. ZigZagSolar is currently expanding to hot climates as well. We have found in hot climates ZigZagSolar can offer tremendous additional savings in electricity bills for HVAC.

Every time you think about designing a facade; just give us a call.

Wim van de Wall & Xin Xu

ZigZagSolar at the Global Impact Investors Network

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Solar energy in cities; stepping stones towards clean green energy

In cities there isn’t much roof top area for harvesting solar energy.
ZigZagSolar harvests solar energy from facades with the best looks and the highest electrical yield. In cooperation with technical universities and institutes we developed a product with dedicated software and dedicated solar modules. The availability of solar energy in cities leaves more capacity in the electrical grid for air conditioning HVAC and the introduction of electrical vehicles.

Solar energy thereby indirectly helps in fighting air pollution and smog.
ZigZagSolar perfectly harmonizes with newest regulations, incentives and models for sustainable buildings.

For that reason we presented ZigZagSolar at the Global Impact Investors Network (GIIN) by Private Equity Investment (PEI) and MoMo4climate.

ZigZagSolar reached the finals. A second price among more then 50 contestants is encouraging.
The first price was handed to the winners by Nick O’Donohoe from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

NOM: Zero Energy Building

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Is it really true ?! Totally NOM?

The answer is: Yes!
The first apartment building in the Netherlands with more than six floors which is complete NOM.

The 78 apartments are optimally positioned in terms of orientation, very well insulated and airtight maximized with
optimal quality of living. It is possible to realize the complex completely NOM by using 78 soil resources for
the water/water heatpump and photovoltaic panels on the roof and on the facade.
PV panels in the facade? These panels are integrated by the architect in an iconic way into the facade, namely Zigzag
Solar. In this manner, the PV modules are not visible itself. The visible Alubronze panels, reflect the light onto
the photovoltaic panels for increased efficiency. The future residents will certainly identify with this icon of

With a specialized team we have managed to create the best conditions for living for
tomorrow. Our team likes to work to complete this elaborate concept that fully complies with all laws and regulations,
adaptable to the desired location.

More information:

ZigZagSolar Reflection

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We have modified the looks of our test facility. We have installed a patented textured reflective surface and a decorative print. We are grateful to our friend Thijs Sepers at TS-Visuals for the superb printing quality. TS Visuals is known for the prints at the Markthal in Rotterdam by MVRVD-architects.

ZigZagSolar Reflection

150 150 jeroen.boumans

We have modified the looks of our test facility. We have installed a patented textured reflective surface and a decorative print. We are grateful to our friend Thijs Sepers at TS-Visuals for the superb printing quality. TS Visuals is known for the prints at the Markthal in Rotterdam by MVRVD-architects.

ZigZagSolar in Corporatiebouw

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Interview met Diederick Barendsz


In het juni-nummer van het blad Corporatiebouw staat een interview met Diederick Barendsz, projectontwikkelaar bij ZOwonen, een woningcorporatie met woningen in de gemeente Sittard-Geleen en omgeving.

Onderwerp is verduurzaming van het woningbestand, waarbij ZigZagSolar een belangrijke rol gaat spelen, onder het motto: zigzaggend naar de zon !

lees hier het artikel (opent een nieuw tabblad)