…it doesn’t get any better than that

ZigZagSolar is an energy harvesting BIPV system unlimited in every aspect of design & engineering.

Establishing backend simplicity, multiplying frontend possibilities

Prefab assembled cassettes

The ZigZagSolar system is build up from single full-operational casettes, which can be seamlessly linked together allowing you to create one coherent facade.

Decorative facade panels

Maximum freedom of choice in the application of decorative facade panels such as Aluminium Composite Panels, Cosentino, Wood, Trespa, Rockpanel and even transparent panels such as Perspex or Glass.

Fully adjustable mounting-system

ZigZagSolar casettes will be fixed onto an aluminium mounting-systems such as BWM or ALLFACE, in order to maintain maximum flexibility in underlying constructions.

SOLAR panels

22-cell standard produced solar panels. Upgradeble to HIT solar panels which increases electric yield by 30%.

Time is too valuable to waste

ZigZagSolar endows you with the wisdom of an energy-saving opportunity for customizable design facades

Become unique

Stand out Now

Unlimited creative architectural design options based on freedom of choice of facade panels and aluminium coatings. ZigZagSolar is able to guide the complete architectural design-process of the solarenergy harvasting facade.

We step up to the plate

Outstanding Support

The ZigZagSolar team is eguipped with expertise to establish detailed simulation and visualisation of expected electric yields. Shadow-visualisation, orientation-details and solar-studies can be created for each project.

Leading responsibly

Principled Success

Fully customizable constructions and mounting systems are created in collaboration with our industry-partners. Thanks to this collaboration, ZigZagSolar is able to answer every specific need in detailing, engineering and construction of the facade system.

Innovative architectural facades

You can now build anything. Have a look at our detailed information and get inspired for your creations.