NOM: Zero Energy Building

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Is it really true ?! Totally NOM?

The answer is: Yes!
The first apartment building in the Netherlands with more than six floors which is complete NOM.

The 78 apartments are optimally positioned in terms of orientation, very well insulated and airtight maximized with
optimal quality of living. It is possible to realize the complex completely NOM by using 78 soil resources for
the water/water heatpump and photovoltaic panels on the roof and on the facade.
PV panels in the facade? These panels are integrated by the architect in an iconic way into the facade, namely Zigzag
Solar. In this manner, the PV modules are not visible itself. The visible Alubronze panels, reflect the light onto
the photovoltaic panels for increased efficiency. The future residents will certainly identify with this icon of

With a specialized team we have managed to create the best conditions for living for
tomorrow. Our team likes to work to complete this elaborate concept that fully complies with all laws and regulations,
adaptable to the desired location.

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